Essay The Factors Affecting A Healthy Body And A Strong Mind

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Buddha once stated a beautiful quote that embraces a concept that I believe to be relevant at this moment in time, and the quote is, "To keep the body in good health is a duty, otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear." This quote explains the importance of keeping the human body in good condition, and it is not for the sole purpose of being fit. Having a healthy body allows the brain and the overall well being of an individual to be resilient. The common philosophy that the mind, body, and soul all have a relationship with each other is a perfect way of explaining the relationship between a healthy body and a strong mind. Each of these factors affects the other in some way; for instance, having a positive attitude will help you achieve a healthy body and having a healthy body will benefit your mind. These three factors I believe to be key in the process of healing and treating an individual.

Growing up the philosophy of mind, body, and soul had a huge impact on my life and it all started with playing soccer. From a young age I began competing in soccer and before I knew it, it became my world. It was not until I joined my first travel soccer team that I began to understand the human body 's role and how vital it was to keep it healthy. My coach instilled this philosophy in me from day one, by not just providing my team with the top training, but also enrolling us in nutrition and exercise classes. My coach, who competed in triathlons yearly, was a…

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