Essay on The Factions Of Islam Among The Shi ' Ites And The Sunnis

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Introduction The factions of Islam among the Shi’ites and Sunnis involve different understandings of the Islamic succession. This paper will compare the Shi’ites and the Sunnis by exploring the differences and similarities between the two. Both factions of the Muslim faith have various perspectives that have molded the Islamic world. “This initial rift was compounded over the centuries by a recurring pattern of struggle within Islam between strains of militant puritanism and the less rigorous attitudes of various ruling classes”(Ryan,2016). Islam was a religion developed by the Arabians. During Pre Islamic times, Islam was a polytheistic faith. It involved tribe members without any known priesthood. Leadership In later times, a man of spiritual visions named Mohammad took over the Islam world. Mohammad was born in the country of Mecca. As Mohammad grew, he began to acknowledge a gap between the beliefs of the generosity and honesty amongst the people. Mohammad experienced a period of prayer and seclusion. After that time Mohammad set out to preach the gospel that had been put upon him. As a result, Islam was rebirthed as a monotheism religion. Muhammad formed a single unity of believers to have faith in one god (Hoyland, 2014). Sacred Texts and Beliefs
Mohammad dictated his revelations thorough the Quran. Mohammad taught that all believers must believe that Allah is the most…

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