Essay on The Facets Of Staff Performance And Employee Engagement

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At University Medical Center New Orleans, buildings changed, roles changed, but the changes haven’t stopped even though the move to a new facility was over six months ago. One of these changes is happening now within the human resources section of UMCNO, and ultimately LCMC Health System. There is a new strategic plan for UMCNO, and goal number one is to create a “culture of excellence”. The organization plans to do this by empowering and engaging all UMC staff to ensure the long-term success of the organization. Human resources, with new roles, such as talent management and employee relations, are still at the research stage to determine what is the best way to empower its staff in “service excellence”. This paper will endeavor to examine some of the facets of increasing staff performance and employee engagement. There are multiple tactics in the literature for service excellence. The one point they all agree on is that a happy workforce means increased customer satisfaction. quality, safety, productivity, etc (Hess, 2013). The creation of a happy workforce however is not easy. Employee engagement, as defined in “Carrots and Sticks Don’t Work”, is a heightened emotional and intellectual connection that an employee has for his/her job, organization, manager, and co-workers (Marciano, 2010). This definition emphasizes the four areas that affect employees that, if not handled correctly, can turn an organization into a toxic environment.
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