The Facebook And The Negative Effects Of Facebook

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There 's no doubt that Facebook is the most powerful social media and social networking site around now of days. You can easily connect with your friends,work buddies and to meet new people. Facebook makes it so much easier to find people with your similar interest as you by being able to seeing their created profile, about them, and you can easily connect with them through private messages and video chat. Even though Facebook is one of social networking hottest site today, it has many different effects people 's lives in ways more than one because it becomes an addiction, starts to have negative effects on a person 's relationship and requires a connection to be liked, while keeping an eye out for the many hackers looking to scam. Facebook …show more content…
Amy Jo Martin stated every time you post a photo, or update your status, on any social site you are contributing to your own digital footprint and personal brand. We as individuals are allowing social media to change the way we communicate and the way we are viewed both negatively and positively. There 's no denying the fact that Facebook is one of many social media hottest sites! Many people rely on social media as a chance to view and send information to classmates, friends and family. While on the other hand, some use it an escape to be able to meet and communicate with various people around the …show more content…
The social network is no doubt a web-based site that enhance communication between people. Its convent and much easier for people to try to keep. Facebook can be a stress reliever due to all the benefits, but also consider the devil in people 's lives for all the negative effects I 've stated the negative effects of Facebook is because it becomes an addiction that allowed in our daily lives by spending too much time on it. If you can resist the urge to connect via Facebook, you have an addiction. Facebook addiction can lead to withdrawal but can be avoided with the signs that are presented. Spending time with family and friends can help control addiction. There 's nothing wrong with chatting here and there or even scanning other pages, but when it becomes a daily routine in your life that 's when the problem starts to

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