The Face Of A Movement Essay examples

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The Face of a Movement

Let’s begin with two images. The first is of a mother with her three small children closely surrounding her that is plastered on the front page of Susan G. Komen’s webpage. They delicately kiss her bald head—an apparent mark of her rounds of chemo and an emblem of her battle against breast cancer. Beside the image text reads, “Breast cancer touches us all. It’s a journey we take together” (Susan G. Komen Foundation). The tiny hands and lips that touch the barren surface of their mother’s head also touch the viewer’s heart, drawing on the emotion resting in the story of the woman behind the cancer. The image is a window into her story, into the life she is fighting for. Enter a 20-something woman. She is tan and bikini-clad, strutting with her breasts bouncing and hair flowing as everyone at the pool party turns to stare. The second image is a far cry from the emotion of the first, so sexually charged and focusing solely on the physicality of the female body. Here in their ad entitled “Save the Boobs”, Rethink Breast Cancer, following the seemingly universal trend in breast cancer media reduces the disease to a single body part—a woman’s breasts. These two images present a stark contrast in breast cancer media, the first being an outlier in a society where the sexualizing of breast cancer awareness media has become the norm. While these ads and commercials are designed for “breast cancer awareness”, the only awareness that they create is for breasts,…

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