The Fable Of The Dragon Tyrant Essay

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Bostrom’s “The Fable of the Dragon Tyrant” is a story of two opposing sides. Those who believe death should be fought and those who believe death is a natural part of life. In the dragon-tyrant there is a kingdom that is plagues by a dragon with a horrendous appetite for humans. Every evening the dragon demands a sacrifice of thousands of people Most of those sacrificed were the elderly, it was believed that they should be sacrificed first because they had at least been given the chance to live a life. In the years past many tried to defeat the dragon with no success, the people had come to accept that they would eventually become the dragon’s nightly meal. Vast sums of the kingdom’s economy were devoted to the dragon in one way or another. There were those who studied how to delay the process of being sacrificed as well as those who planned the most efficient way to bring the humans sacrifices to the dragon each evening. Aside from those who worked to make things more efficient there were also those who taught that the dragon was part of life. That everything had a beginning and an end and that the dragon should not be feared but that people should instead focus on life after their own death. A life in which did not include the dragon.
After a great deal of work an iconoclastic dragonologists was finally able to develop a material that was strong enough to pierce that dragon’s scales. After this discovery, many that had once been skeptical that the dragon could be killed…

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