The Eyes Were Watching God By Zora Neale Hurston Essay examples

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One things that continuously goes on around in the world is racism. Racism is the belief that all of one race has things they can or can’t do and can also bring one race higher than the other. Everyone knows how it has affected our country. Zora was one to put that fact behind her, and did what she wanted, or what she has to bring out into this world.
Zora Neale Hurston, who was born in 1891 on January 6th, was educated in public schools until going to a university, worked at several other jobs before becoming a published author and has won many awards for her writing, including, Anisfield-wolf Book Award, Charles mac author award, and the Guggenheim fellowship award. The most famous book she wrote the eyes were watching god. This is the book I chose to read for my research project, and it was just magnificent to my standards. The way Zora wrote in the story wasn’t proper “ Ah ain’t goin tuh do it no mo(Hurston 5)” it gave emphasis on the way African Americans spoke back in the day. It also gave culture, Zora went around staying in different places took in their stories and put how they even talked into this book. Zora Hurston was a brilliant skillful short story writer. Zora Hurston had much potential, and she dedicated herself to writing brilliant novel’s. Looking back on someone’s life and getting to see all the stupendous things they have done, really opens up a light for some people, especially when having a hard time getting in the way of your dreams as it did for…

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