The Eyes Of The Beholder Essay

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Is there only one way to recount history? According to the countless classes, textbooks, and aisles upon aisles of nonfiction - no. Evidently, history is in the eyes of the beholder. A Different Mirror by Ronald Takaki and Stories from American History by Myrtis Mixon are two such texts that show how the same history can be recounted in different manners. A common subject found between the two texts A Different Mirror and Stories from American History is that of Spanish exploration and subsequent colonialism. According to the textbook selected, the story of America begins when the Spaniards came to America. There is emphasis placed on the Spanish conquests. This take priority over the stories of the natives here in America. The first pages of Stories from American History already offers up a different perspective to that of Ronald Takaki 's A Different Mirror. In the opening of the book, Takaki soon states that, “ 'in the beginning, all the world was America '” (Takaki, 59). This already shows a conflict of information offered in these two texts. If "all the world was America", then why was it so significant that the Spanish came to the Americas? While the textbook goes into some broader details that A Different Mirror does not, the textbook seems to err more on the side of English and Spanish perspective. Europeans searched first for a better trade route between China and India. Stories from American History cites Christopher Columbus as the first to explore…

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