The Eyes Of A Son Essay

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The Eyes of a Son
September 11, 2001, it is 7:30 A.M. and I open my eyes to the sun gleaming through my windows upstairs. Just like every other morning, I get dressed, get ready for school, and feed my bird Pete-Pete. However, today was not just another regular day of school. Today was my 11th birthday and career day. Ever since the day I started attending preschool, all I ever heard about from the older kids on my street was how exhilarating and pleasurable career day was for them. That day for me couldn’t come soon enough, I had been waiting patiently to experience this moment and now it finally came true. I was in 6th grade and about to have the best day ever, plus it was my birthday so that just made it more enjoyable. Just as I finished putting my finishing touches on for school, I heard my mother scream, “Ben, breakfast is ready.” I ran downstairs with this enormous smile on my face knowing that she had something magnificent for me. I take my first step into the kitchen and what do I see, a stack of presents the size of the Empire State building on the dining room table just for my birthday! “Don’t even think about it Ben, as soon as you and your father get home I’ll order pizza and then you can open your presents” my mother said to me. “Ok mom” I replied. After my father and I finished our wonderful breakfast that my mother had cooked for us, we left the house and headed off to my school.
School did not start until 9 A.M but we lived in downtown New York City and it…

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