Essay about The Eye Of The Beholder

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Twain Assignment
“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” Two view of Mississippi provides an interesting insight into the mind of a veteran in steam boating. In life human reasoning is guided by perspective and experience. Decisions are often based on how one comprehends situations leading to a particular behavior. While it is argued that learned abilities often morph to instincts due to the repeated practice, some situations defy the norm forcing one to act depending on their understanding of the situation at hand. If for instance, one is a trained and experienced driver, when faced with the possibility of an accident, such an individual relies not just on the experience but their instincts. Irrespective of the level learning, instincts can never be replaced, however, learning creates innate capabilities. In the excerpt, Twain has gained immense experience in his practice of steam boating. He initially enjoyed the environment he worked in, but with time he got used to the beauty until it developed into something else. He does not state what exactly the beauty has developed into but one can guess that the beauty has become normalcy. Despite the loss of beauty due to the experience in steam boating, Twain acknowledges that the river has life threatening dangers. The paper analyzes Twain’s Two Views of the River elaborating on the conflict in the excerpt and discussing the quality of writing depicted. The analysis will also examine the figurative language used and its relevance…

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