Essay on The Extra Credit Assignment For The Freedom Week Lectures

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This paper is on the extra credit assignment for the freedom week lectures. I attended the first lecture on April 9th, 7:30-9:00 pm, about Lessons from Free Economies around the World. Unfortunately though the original speaker, Maurice McTigue, couldn’t make the lecture because of a canceled flight form Chicago. But the positive thing that came up was, we got to hear and listen Dr. Timothy Nash speak about how capitalism and the American dream is dying and how it can survive. It was a really interesting lecture, especially the fact that I got to listen to Dr. Nash for the first time after reading some of his passages form the When We Are Free book we have been reading in our Freshman Seminar class. Mainly what Dr. Nash talked about, was the fact how the government has been abusing its powers as a unity of the market. He first brings up ideas on how markets always continually change. The Dow Industrial Average started with just 30 companies, only 1 out of that thirty remain. General Electric is the only one remaining. Before the fortune 500, there was only a fortune 100. The fortune 100 companies all disappeared except again, general electric. Then Dr. Nash examined how tax rates effect economic growth and freedom. He compared the tax rates between China and the United States. China’s tax rate was 25%, while United States was 40%. China overall naturally was a communist economic run market. But, after the passing of time, China realized that in order to meet sufficient…

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