The Extinction Of Species Of Animals Worldwide Essay

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Many species of animals worldwide are currently in danger of becoming extinct in the near future due to natural and human causes; however, with the help of government agencies and conservation efforts from the general population, it 's not too late to reverse this unfortunate trend. According to scientists, Earth is currently in it 's sixth mass extinction called the Holocene Extinction1. The Holocene Extinction is thought to have started around 10,000 BCE and is cause mostly by human interference. When an animal or plant is seen to be at risk of becoming extinct due to a decline in their population and distribution, they are classified as endangered by many government agencies throughout the world. While the Holocene Extinction is mostly due to man, there are still many natural causes for the extinction of fauna and flora. One of the biggest natural causes is global climate change. The Earth goes through periods of warming and cooling naturally, but even just 1* temperature change can off set an entire ecosystem. At this time, what researchers are seeing is the rise of sea levels due to Earth 's warming temperatures which in turn melts the ice caps, adding more water to the ocean2. Normally, having more water in the ocean wouldn 't be a bad thing, but where freshwater rivers meet the ocean, there is a significant change with salt water intrusion in those rivers3, making the rivers uninhabitable by organisms not adapted for salt water. Warmer air temperatures over time also…

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