The Extermination Of The Jewish Race Essay

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The Holocaust, known as the extermination of the Jewish race, is marked in history as one of the most inhumane and unthinkable acts to ever exist. With over five million Jews murdered, this mass Final Solution has caused many to wonder how some survived. One of the most common words associated with the Holocaust is Concentration Camps, otherwise known as death or work camps. The final resting place for the majority of the five million Jews murdered were located at one of the many concentration camps throughout Germany. To think that one could possibly survive the immense torture, starvation and inhumane treatment is hard to grasp. However, Terrence Des Pres gives some insight from real survivors of the Holocaust on how one survived. Des Pres emphasizes that the will to survive in a concentration camp is prevalent on helping one another, and more specifically choosing love over selfishness, strategically obeying to save lives, and the prisoner’s will to remain dignified and humane throughout their time at the camps. The Jews of the Holocaust were treated as no living person should ever be treated. The daily comforts of freedom, shelter, toilets, food and the ability to be with loved ones was taken from them in an instant. They were treated like slaves for simply being a race categorized as unwanted. Des Pres mentions that the camps sought to bring the Jews down to an infant and childlike state (Des Pres 113). He also draws excerpts from Bruno Bettelheim’s book…

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