The Extermination Of The Jewish People Essay

1497 Words Jun 8th, 2016 6 Pages
On May 8th, 1945 the Axis powers surrendered to the Allies and World War Two was finally over in Europe. Citizens were ecstatic and celebrations began throughout the streets of Europe. However, happiness and festivity soon came to a halt when the truth surfaced: over six million Jewish people were brutally murdered in Nazi controlled camps during the years of the war with only a few survivors to spare. The things that happened to the Jewish people in the camps were devastating and brought shock upon the world. According to the views of the Nazi’s, the extermination of the Jewish people was necessary for their race to advance, but their methods were inhumane and resulted in millions of innocent deaths. After Germany’s loss in World War One, the German economy had a devastating downfall. Reparations had to be paid to the Allied forces and eventually, there was no money left and so hyperinflation began. Everything had lost meaningful value and Germany’s economy was no longer one of the best in the world. Years later, Adolf Hitler rose to power. He had believed that someone needed to be blamed for Germany’s downfall and was quick to target the Jews. At first he had not aimed to destroy the Jewish people, instead, he wanted to drive them out of the country. He created laws that would pressure them to leave, unfortunately things had not progressed fast enough for Hitler. Ghettos were created and eventually genocide became Hitler’s goal. However, it was not just the Jewish…

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