The Extent of Globalization in Global Retailing and Civil Aero Engine Manufacturing

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1. Introduction First of all, about this portfolio, the extent of globalization in global retailing and civil aero engine manufacturing is main discussion statement. The PESTEL, CAGE distances and Yip’s driver theories also would be applied to support this discussion. Moreover, different firms of these two industries would be used to illustrate above concept. Wal-Mart, Carrefour and Tesco will be used to demonstrate global retailing. Then, another industry, civil aero engine manufacturing, Pratt & Whitney and GE Aviation will be used to exemplify. When the companies want to keep their development within the competitive economic environment, they should have a plan. This plan is not only integrate the condition that means the …show more content…
The first one came to China is Wal-Mart, has 370 stores here since 1996. Next one is Carrefour, came to China at middle of 1990s. At 2005, it made adjustment with firm’s structure of China’s part, improve business plan, until now, it has over 200 stores to operate .The last one, Tesco, begin to join the mainland market at 2004, total 105 stores today. Therefore, it is no doubt to see 3 brands compete in China today, also in coming future. About the drivers that may affect the brand which plan to develop in new places would be discussed later. Now turn to another industry, civil aero-engine manufacturer, to see how global they are.

3. How globalize of aero-engine manufacturing industry GE Aviation, a brand under General Electric Company, is a manufacturer company in aero engine industry. It comes from United Stated and operates over 100 years. It had supplied engine for US military after World War 2. Because of well reputation, it started to turn to civil from military in 1960s. Civilian model CF6 began be a famous model for airlines. The flight manufacturer firm, Boeing and Airbus, also be the biggest customer of GE. It made GE Aviation become leading suppliers of large commercial engine, and have customers around the world. Nowadays, GE Aviation has 450 customers over 160 countries (, 2012). Its engine also selected by Boeing new flight 787 and 747-8. And GE also has market in China. Besides, at 2008,

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