The Exposition Of The Story Essay

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At the beginning of the story, the reader is introduced to M. Lantin and his wife. The author writes that the wife had come from a poor family and had moved to Paris with the hopes of getting married. She met M. Lantin “at the house of the office-superintendent” and they married. M. Lantin had “a salary of 3,500 francs a year”, which in no way made them wealthy, but his wife managed their money well and was able to create a seemingly luxurious lifestyle. “There were only two points upon which he [M. Lantin] ever found fault with her [his wife]─ her love of theater, and her passion for false jewelry.” The exposition of the story is all about introducing the characters. Guy de Maupassant gives the reader a great deal of information, some of which doesn’t seem relevant at the time, such as M. Lantin’s salary, but an author doesn’t write something that’s meaningless, so the reader knows that all the information will come into play sometime later in the story. Next comes the story’s rising action. In this section of the story, we see M. Lantin go from passionately in love to grief-stricken. It begins with the wife going to the Opera, becoming ill, and eight days later, dying of pneumonia. M. Lantin “wept from morning till night, feeling his heart torn by inexpressible suffering─ever haunted by the memory of her, by the smile, by the smile, by the voice, by all the charm of the dead woman.” Undoubtedly, M. Lantin was hysterical about the death of his beloved wife,…

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