Essay about The Exploration Of The Five Frames Model

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Applying the Five Frames
In his book, Heraclitean Fire: Journeying on the Path of Leadership, Dr. Michael Carey (1999) introduces us to the theory of the five frames for effective leadership. Organizational life is filled with an abundance of unique challenges and conflict. The Five Frames model serves as a valuable tool for leadership by revealing the alternate perspectives of organization members. According to Carey (1999) “These five frames – rational, human, systems, political, and cultural – offer different angles for looking at organizational life, and each frame’s proposed outline of the key dynamics of situations does have value in understanding why things happen the way they do and what must be a part of any plan to make things better” (p. 91).
The exploration of the Five Frames model provides an opportunity to analyze and find a resolution to an organizational issue I’ve experienced. The issue I’d like to elucidate is the inefficiency of our Labor Pool employees. Our Human Resources department manages a group of twelve labor pool employees. These individuals provide coverage for regular full-time employees on an as needed basis. While a part of the union, they are not privy to the rights of a full-time employee, such as paid sick leave. Schedules are posted on Thursday of every week, one week at a time. Frequent changes to the schedule are not uncommon. Labor pool employees have the right to designate three days a year for which they will be unavailable…

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