The Exploitation of the Native Americans Essay examples

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The Exploitation of the Native Americans
The Native Americans are a prime example of the repression, poverty, and discrimination many minority groups have had to endure throughout the years. The Native Americans had their own land, culture and language. They were people able to adapt well to their particular region by hunting, fishing and farming crops. Their cultures primarily rested on wise use of all natural resources available. Many historians believe there were between 6 and 10 million Native Americans living in what later became the United States before the arrival of the Europeans (Parrillo, 2011). This paper will analyze the views the Europeans had about the Natives, what came about from these views and where the Native American
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The colonists and explorers brought measles, smallpox, cholera, yellow fever, and many more devastating diseases. Within a few decades of the Europeans arrival the Native American population had rapidly declined due to disease, warfare, and self-destruction (Parrillo, 2011).
As the colonies grow into towns and states over the years hostility continued to grow between the Natives and Europeans. During the 1700’s if colonist wanted to obtain additional land from the Native Americans they need to obtain permission through the English government. According to Parrillo (2011) this meant drawing up a petition, crossing the ocean back and forth, and waiting for bureaucratic processing. The colonist despised the fact that these “heathen” were given higher official status than they themselves enjoyed. However when the colonies declared their own independence and broke away from England thing began to change. In 1830, Congress passed the Indian Removal Act which was recommended by President Andrew Jackson. Jackson abused his presidential power to enforce the Indian Removal Act. Parrillo (2011) states the act called for the expulsion of all Native Americans from the southeastern states to and their relocation to the territory west of the Mississippi River. Many Native Americans died of famine, exposure and disease during the forced marches to the territory west of the Mississippi River which in present-day is Oklahoma.

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