The Experiences Of Enslaved Women Essay

1118 Words Jun 13th, 2016 null Page
a. Before reading the book explain your understanding of the experiences of enslaved women. How might their experiences differ depending on where they lived? How might they differ based on their age at any given time? How might they differ based on their skin color?

Before this week’s reading, I expected women slaves to have a very short life expectancy. The idea of many infants slaves not making it through their first year of life was also a very important factor that crossed my mind before reading the book. I was aware that slaves were not fed properly which made me realize that infants had it even worse. Although I believe that their experiences were based entirely on who their slaveholder was, my understanding always was that they were still as a piece of property or sometimes even treated worse than animals. During this period, women were still seen as inferior to men so it was even more difficult to visualize the harsh life conditions of slave women. Seeing women doing the same work in the plantation’s as men were was definitely not the first image that came to my mind when I thought about slavery.

After this week’s reading some small details about the life of women during this period shifted a little. My expectation was that women slaves would usually stay home and assist their mistresses in whatever they might have needed. However, I have realized that women sometimes even had to go to the plantations and work as hard as male slaves had. Slaves also had to go…

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