The Experience of Health & Illness Essay examples

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In this essay, I will be discussing a client that I cared for while I was on my placement practice. I had to fill in my inter-professional education book where i had to interview a client about his experience in the health care setting and how he is coping with his health and illness and the health care he is receiving whilst he is in the care of the National Health Service.
I will be discussing his cultural needs and how it makes impacts on health and the impact it has on the client/ families psychological and social.
This essay will show a non-judgemental description of the patient’s personality, family, cultural or social background.

In this case study I have changed his name and will be referring to the patient
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Asim does not have any family in the UK and only knows the friends he has met while staying in the UK.
Asim is currently living in a 3 bedroom house with 6 other men who have come on visas either to study or work. I asked where he sleeps and he replied he shares with another friend and they take turns on who is using the bed, so one day he sleeps on the bed the next day he will sleep on the floor. He said he does not mind because its all about sharing and helping each other.

While interviewing him when filling in my Inter-professional education (IPE) booklet Asim was telling me that he is missing out on a lot of family occasions his sister got married 2 years ago and he could not go to the wedding as he is supporting the family to pay for the wedding as they do not come from a very wealthy background. The sister also had a baby boy that he has never seen and family members have passed away and he was not there to pay his respects. He became very emotional while speaking to me.

He enjoys his time surfing the internet when he has time or watching Indian films.
He is currently single, but his parents would like him to come to Pakistan next year once he makes a bit more money so he can get married which is arranged by his mother and father. He is looking forward to meeting his family again soon.

Medical History

Mr Asim Khan is of an Asian origin, he is Pakistani, and he has no worried health history, he is a healthy young man, but

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