The Experience With The English Language Essay examples

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inundated with problems Pedro lost sight of his preferred identity. The depression that Pedro was experiencing did not allow for Pedro to see that he was not the problem in reality the “problem is the problem.” That is why it was essential for the therapist to meet Pedro from a :getting to know you”. The therapist wanted to meet the real Pedro His problem-saturated story had dominated the sparkling events in his story that included being a hard worker, loving father and husband, and a great person who preserved in this country. According to Feagin and Cobas, (2014) Pedro’s negative experience with the English language is not an isolated incident, it is not uncommon for Latinos who speak English to “run the risk” of being mocked or interrupted if they speak with a Spanish accent (pg. 58). That is why Pedro was unable to recognize his resilience.
Adding new meaning: Narrative therapy does not intend to change or replace a client’s story. Instead, the narrative approach encourages therapists to remain curious in order to help their clients add new meanings to their existing stories. Gehart (2014) found that narrative therapists and clients collaborate to create a preferred narrative or identity to their existing problem saturated story (pg. 402). For that reason, the therapist and Pedro worked on adding to his story by mapping the influence that depression and dominant discourses had on Pedro and his significant others. It was important to bring forth how the…

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