The Experience Of The Lake City Neighborcare Clinic Essay

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NeighborCare clinics were established forty years ago with a commitment to serve the disadvantaged (NeighborCare 2015). There are twenty-four clinics throughout the Seattle area located in the impoverished neighborhoods where health care is lacking. The variety of services offered is substantial and impressive; such as, system wide over forty languages and dialects are spoken. This paper delineates an overview of the experience of the Lake City NeighborCare clinic.
Services Provided
There are two locations in Lake City; one is a satellite office with limited hours/days, while the other operates regular business hours Monday through Friday. The atmosphere is inviting and comfortable while the staff is outgoing, congenial, and professional.
NeighborCare’s mission is to provide health services to the population that has difficulty accessing care and to improve the health status of the community (NeighborCare 2015). Their vision is to have zero health disparities with 100% access to health care. The choices offered were at this clinic were comprehensive, including: nutritional counseling, a RN diabetic educator, behavior health services, psychiatric RN, midwife and maternity services, medical and dental care, and ophthalmology appointments to diabetic patients. One benefit of being an established patients is, you can walk in for a same day appointment. Referrals are given to complex cases that need specialty care.
Ryan from the business office talks about the staffing at…

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