The Experience Of The Immersion Experience Essay example

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Immersion Experience
I interviewed my aunt that was sixty nine years old and is very open minded about things. I knew this conversation between us would be interesting because I never really asked my elderly family about their lives. I started off our conversation by asking her what was her life experience like growing up? She chuckled at first and explained that it was nice. People communicated then face to face and knew how to talk to each other. She was very family oriented as everyone else was and that you could always count on family when you needed them for anything. Family and friends were always your backbone and you always seen them. The knowledge that we have today wasn’t as privileged, very few graduated or made it pass the six grade. She explained that even she dropped out of school before even making it to the six grade. To help her parents provide for themselves and her other siblings just as well as most males did. Many young males didn’t have the chance to finish school because they had to work in field jobs for their family. Grew up having chores to do before and after school that parents expected to be done or there was discipline. Far as dating you only really dated one guy and that all you knew to date. While many young girls did have babies well before being the age of sixteen and had to provide for that child at that young age. There was only family oriented thing you…

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