Personal Narrative Essay: The Reef

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On a bright and sunny evening my mom, some of her friends, and I went to pine-trees. The beach was beautiful, the sun was shining, there were no clouds blocking the sun, there was a cool breeze, the water was blue, the waves were not too big but not too small, they were just right. My friend Tiana and I decided to go swimming, she took a tube and I took my body board without any finns. When we were out on the water it was going great. There was some big sets, but nothing to major.
We kept going into the reef forcing us to keep swimming away, I told her to look for the two tents and stay in between the staying away from the reef, so I didn’t need to keep pulling her out of the reef. “ Can we switch?” Tiana asks “I want to try and catch some waves”
When I heard
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When I turned around there was the board floating away.
Since we only had the tube we put our arms around it and started paddling back in so we could get out of the water. When I started swimming I felt something underneath me, when I looked down and around I realized that we were past the tents where we were supposed to stay in between and we were on the reef. When I realized that we were on the reef I was scared because I didn’t want any of us to get hurt so I told Tiana to start paddling harder because we are right over the reef.
When I look behind me I see this huge set coming in. When I seen the big set I started praying that everything will be okay, at this moment it didn’t seem like it was going to be. As the wave approaches I let go of the tube, luckily Tiana actually holds on to the tube so we didn’t lose that too. As we start swimming back we kept getting pushed underneath the waves. As we got closer to shore we were already tired so it was harder for us to go in. We tried catching a wave in with the tube, but that wasn’t working. As we started giving up an uncle comes up to us.
“Do you guys need help getting in?” he asks
“Yes please!” we say

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