The Experience Of Dyslexic Student At Higher Education Essay

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The Experience of dyslexic student at higher education

My interest in dyslexia in higher education from my own experience comes from my personal experience also around 10% of the UK population are thought to have dyslexia, with 4% severely affected (British Dyslexia Association, 2012). Being dyslexic I have had numerous experiences with educational support and the process involved, at different levels of education. This research will be of interest to individuals with dyslexia wanting to study within a higher education setting, also educators within higher education settings may find this interesting as it may give them insight to the issues and challenges a dyslexic student may face. This research will be carried out to provide a deeper understanding of challenges and support dyslexic students may encounter. I will not be taking my own experiences into account within this research.

Indicate the challenges and evaluate the support available to dyslexic students within different higher education settings.

• Evaluate the support available to dyslexic students with two higher education settings.
• Research and identify the process students need to carry out to obtain support.
• Identify dyslexic students thoughts and feelings on support provided by the higher education settings.

Key Themes:
• Dyslexia
• Coping Strategies
• Support available
• Higher Education
• Learning Disability/Difficulty

The approach and…

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