The Experience Of Being A Young Child Essay

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As a young child I was showered with gifts and opportunities that I am grateful for today. I had the privilege of living in Germany during elementary school and visiting other countries such as Poland, Italy, France, and many more. I felt I had this luxurious lifestyle and that life was beautiful. Life was filled with opportunities and alluring scenes. I remember a visit in Amsterdam with just my mother and brother. We sailed on one of the river cruises and had pictures taken to send to my father. As I watched my reflection in the water around the boat, I would dip my hand into it. I could feel the icy water between my small fingers and watch the waves flow between them. These were the beautiful memories I kept and reminisce on time to time. I was fortunate enough to be loved by parents growing up who were able to care to every one of my needs. Luckily my parents gave me surprise trips. When I was in freshmen year of highschool, I was able to achieve a high score on all of my exams. I was then treated to a trip to Florida and Seattle. Also my sophomore year I was treated to a trip to New York City for my good grades. Junior year was my trip to Canada and Minnesota. During High School we still traveled at least four times a year outside of around the country. I felt lucky but never understood what did I do to deserve this? I never worked besides volunteering in my life, and my parents were able to purchase me a new car, pay for my gas, and classes now in college. I feel…

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