The Experience Of A Stage Fright Essay

1659 Words Nov 11th, 2016 7 Pages
As with every new experience, I have sort of a stage fright. It is not easy to go out there as a newbie. What if I cannot do it? Do I have what it takes? Pressure is on. This class has been a wonderful experience for me. I found a lot of support and care, which I believe, are the roots of counseling but also a good soil for self-improvement. Overall, I feel that we learned a lot in a few amount of time. The combination of classes and the experience we get from our video recording show a great learning curve. As we are getting ready to tackle our first practicum it is interesting to look back and notice what we already accomplished and what needs to be improved.
In general, when it comes to that first video my eye contact was good. I could try and softened my face a little as I look very serious. My face needs to reflect care, empathy and not concern or problems. My body language felt in accordance with DM’s. My voice and speech rate sounded nice. In that first video, which was the hardest, I was very nervous and it translate in the way I conducted that session. I found no real consistency and logic in my questions as my nervousness took over the best out of me. I jumped from one subject to the next, skimming and not trying to look deeper. In order to avoid that, I should have used more reflection of feelings and let DM developed. It is more an investigation and that is how I intended to be as I was trying to understand the root of DM’s anxiety in a direct way. I was so eager…

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