The Experience And Wisdom Of Adulthood Essay

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Through the Eyes of a Child
There are some events in our lives we do not understand and cannot fully process until we can look back with the experience and wisdom of adulthood. Often these events are remembered in vivid detail and become the catalyst for future decisions.
I was born the second child of five with an older brother, two younger brothers and a younger sister. We lived in an average home, in an average neighborhood, and we made do with what we had. In a family of seven, space was a premium commodity and I pleaded with my parents for a space of my own. They relented and allowed me to make a bedroom of an unfinished space in the basement. I was excited to create my own haven and used cardboard boxes and blankets to provide privacy in my space. I loved my room with the old rugs and assorted colors of carpet sample squares covering as much of the concrete floor as possible.
My grandparents came often from Idaho to Utah, at least every other week, for my mom to set Grandma’s hair. They were not the friendly, huggy kind of grandparents, but they did send a card in the mail for our birthdays with a dollar inside.
On this summer day when I was about nine years old, my grandparents came as usual. I was in my room and I remember that I was wearing a pale blue leotard and shorts. As a young girl I loved to dance and twirl around the house. On this particular afternoon, my grandpa came down into my “room”; he had never come to my room before. I was not as afraid as I was…

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