The Experience And Reflection On How Nutrition Affects A Patient 's Recovery Process

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Shadowing Experience and Reflection
Over Thanksgiving break, I had the opportunity to shadow Mrs. Karen Feldmeyer at Atrium Medical Center in Middletown Ohio. During my four-hour visit, I experienced aspects of nutrition in a multitude of different settings including the psychiatric wing, the intensive care unit, and a physical therapy panel. Each of these opportunities provided me with a different perspective on the importance of nutrition, and how nutrition impacts a patient’s recovery process.
Mrs. Feldmeyer has been Manager of Nutrition Services at Atrium for the past nine years, and is in charge of a large staff with a variety of different personalities. With such a large group, she described how difficult it is to ensure her staff keeps a professional attitude towards each other and stated that she is often distracted from her normal duties to act as a mediator among a few of her staff members. Additionally, she shared a story with me about a staff prank that quickly became inappropriate. One of her staff members placed “poppers” under the toilet seat in their office area for one of their fellow co-workers, but instead, one of their special needs patients was the victim of the practical joke. This incident, normally amusing with the right participant, destressed the patient, and as a result, Mrs. Feldmeyer was obligated to take disciplinary action against her staff. While there is a time for fun in the workplace, individuals must remain professional and aware of their…

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