The Expectations Of Young Adolescents Essay

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Many ideas are created about expectations of young adolescents. Often times this is constructed by theories on how their brain functions. At this time in their lives, adolescents have a cognitive shift. Their brain is beginning to develop more logically thinking instead of simply concrete ideas. Before the age of 12, children moreso focus on the subject at a surface level; however, during puberty they start to question more things about life.

The word adolescent derives from the Latin word, adolescere, which means “to grow up.” Adolescents are at an odd stage in their life where they are growing out of childhood yet they lack the mindset of a young adult. Intellectually their brain is developing and they are able to reason better. Classes during this time also are becoming challenging to push adolescents to strengthen that part of their brain. Also at this time their moral compass is starting to strengthen as well as they question the rights and wrongs of all their actions. Because some reach puberty well before their counterparts, this is where some of the social divide stems from. Some middle schoolers are in starting to think like young adults and cannot grasp why some are still playing with toys. Students are often harassed because of this. Socially all students around this age are typically fearful that no one can relate to their bodily language which is why they seek for so much peer acceptance. Adolescents tend to pull away from listening to their parents…

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