The Expectancy Theory Is Not Only Should Understand What Motivate Employees By Using Human Relation Theories

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Management is not only should understand what motivate employees by using Human Relation theories, but also have to know and use theories that how to motivate people in workplace.

The Expectancy Theory, which is one of the process of motivation theory, indicates motivation of individual is determined by expectancy, instrumentality and valence that base on person’s perception of reality.(G.A.Cole&Kelly.P 2015) Management should analyze how these three factors influence people as processes towards motivation. Specifically, the expectancy means an individual belief of a especial action can result in especial performance through relative effort. Then people expect that good performance will contribute to a reward what they desire to, this is referred to Instrumentality. Finally, people will evaluate the rewards which is worthy and attractive to them, the evaluation known as Valence in The Expectancy Theory.
Managers can set relative rewards for work or goal to enhance employee, through understanding employee’s expectancy. As a consequence, employee is motivated by obtaining satisfaction and rewards, their performances are improved that lead to positive development for firm or organization. In applying this section, to motivate employee by rewarding their well performance. On the one hand, managers can use some extrinsic reward into organization such as compensation systems. The extrinsic reward is particularly suited with people who need to be controlled, which mentioned in…

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