Essay The Expansion Of Commerce And The Marketplace

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The Market Revolution was the expansion of commerce and the marketplace through the construction of roads and canals during the early nineteenth century. Such a revolution of homespun-for-self-benefit to mass production for public consumption, had a large impact on American society during the early nineteenth century, establishing itself as a significant turning point in U.S. history. Although the Market Revolution had further extended the already changing U.S. demographic and social class separation, it did so in such a drastic manner, while also bringing about significant changes in technology, transportation, and family structure. The U.S. demographic had begun to change even before the Market Revolution was well underway. Migration west of the Mississippi River had already established a flow of Americans looking for new opportunities they hoped the untouched land could provide. The Louisiana Purchase made between the U.S and France in 1803, allowed for such opportunities for Americans. Immigration to the U.S. from European countries was based upon the same aspirations to succeed, they looked for opportunities in growing U.S. cities that seemed unavailable to them in their home country. After the Market Revolution, both migration and immigration in the U.S. experienced a drastic increase. The Market Revolution had enlarged the already existing northeastern cities and made prominent some northwestern cities. These cities drew the interest of migrating and immigrating…

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