The Exodus Story : The Prince Of Egypt Essay

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The Exodus story is arguably one of the most well-known stories from Hebrew Bible and has spawned dozens of adaptations through films and books. The Prince of Egypt, though, stands out among its peers because of its choice to use animation to help bring the story to life and by playing into the more fantastical parts of the biblical story by incorporating musical breaks. The Prince of Egypt will go down in history as a cinematic biblical epic that stays true to the core elements of the original story but still took the necessary liberties to make it entertaining and emotionally involving for its audience. The story of Moses delivering his people from the Pharaoh is perhaps the most adapted story in the Bible. There have been numerous films made about the story such as Exodus: Gods and Kings (2014) and The Ten Commandments (1956), which spawned multiple remakes and is one of the most popular biblical films ever created. The story speaks to audiences across the world for its portrayal of people oppressed because of their ethnicity – which many can relate to – and the character of Moses. The prophet Moses was not born a hero, but instead lived like any other man; in fact, he thought he was not eloquent enough to speak to the people of Egypt when God told him to. God saw potential in Moses, though, which gives a hope that many audiences can cling to. The plagues and the dramatic, awe-inspiring ending are also what make this story appealing to every generation. Moses separating…

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