The Existence Of The Human Race Homosexuality Essay

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Sean Mukherji
Professor Young
English 103
November 4, 2015
Origins of Homophobia Throughout the existence of the human race homosexuality has been judged by antagonistic attitudes. Homosexuality has existed throughout the ages but only recently have common views regarding the social cause have been tested. Homophobia is defined as a persons level of fear or sense of disgust upon seeing or referring to individuals who are lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and gay. In addition, heterosexual people believe that homophobia is also morally incorrect and that heterosexual relationships are only expected. Some of the reasons homophobia prevails in civilization are due to opposing religious and cultural beliefs, concerns of the spread of new diseases, and the fear heterosexual with the influence of social media and discrimination of todays society. Throughout ancient history homosexuality was prevalent but condemned across the globe. In the earliest of times homosexuality was perceived as a mental illness. In Homophobia, History, and Homosexuality, Michael K. Sullivan states, “Until the early 1970’s the American Psychiatric Association (APA) classified homosexuality as a disease, based on Freudian concepts of arrested sexual development that lead to a loveless life.” It was also believed to be prominent in the teenage years who specifically experienced anxiety, shame , and depression. Psychologist Sigmund Freud, most notably acknowledged for his research on unconscious reasoning,…

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