The Existence Of The Electoral College Essay

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The existence of the Electoral College has remained a source of debate for inhabitants of the United States for centuries. Despite the evident vexation surrounding it, the United States is largely unaware of the disassociation between citizens’ voices and the Presidency. It can be said that popular sovereignty, no matter how pleasant a concept, has become little more than an illusion the people cling to. In short, the Electoral College is an institution that must be abolished, because it violates political equality, is unfair to third party candidates, and is not an accurate representation of the people’s votes.
The Electoral College brazenly violates political equality within the United States. The distribution of electoral votes favors states, not individuals; by distributing a number of electors based on the number of Congressional representatives each state possesses (Document A). By relying on this method of distribution, and capping the number of electors allowed, the Electoral College causes an inaccurate representation. Provided this incorrect number of votes, states that require more representatives to represent the voters of their larger populations cannot receive them due to smaller states taking up the minimum requirement of three votes, no matter how diminutive their populations may be. In addition, under the current Electoral College, a combination of thirteen states and regions, whose combined population is only 12,500,722, receives 44 electoral votes, while…

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