The Existence Of The Earth Essay

1562 Words Nov 14th, 2015 7 Pages
The existence of the earth has been here billions of years ago. All the natural resources and the hidden secrets remain unknown until a person or group discovers them. Throughout its existence, time passes, and Homo sapiens, casually known as humans, have inhabited the earth. During the billions of years, the evolution of humanity is increasing, which is evident in the several innovations that exist to this day. Closing in the present age, the human population expands exponentially and the natural resources that come from the earth decrease as its consumption continues. To this day, over 7 billion people now live on the earth after billions of years ago where no beings have existed back then. With countless secrets of the planet, the application of the newfound knowledge for different outcomes results from people uncovering the mysteries of the earth. However, does civilization obtain positive results as the population flourishes exponentially? As humans, people have the free will and mind to make decisions that can help or harm society. Through observation, what several people are ignorant in is the fact that the usage of an abundant of necessities is depleting at quicker speeds as the population expands over the years. Due to this fact, the people along with the earth have been suffering from the widespread consumption of the natural resources that are crucial to everyday life. While the population multiplies, the constant consuming of resources grows at a steady pace and…

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