Essay about The Existence Of God By Rene Descartes

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In the third Meditation, René Descartes aims to offer an argument for the existence of God, based simply on what he knows with certainty. In this, he reviews his doubts, what he knows for certain, and what he no longer doubts. While arguing the existence of God, Descartes explores God as a possible deceiver, his capacity to overcome this doubt in God’s goodness through formal and objective realities, and how effects supremely rely on their ultimate cause. Through his various claims and objections, Descartes establishes a relationship between a finite idea or event and its infinite cause to prove that God is a perfect being by himself that placed innate ideas of his existence in our thoughts. Before he begins his argument for the existence of God, Descartes inquires whether there is a God, and, if there is, whether or not he can be a deceiver. This evil demon hypothesis suggests that it is possible for someone to have different perceptual experiences from our own that were inspired by some evil demon determined to deceive our every thought. Since these are separate perceptual differences, there is no internal certainty that these bent thoughts are not our own. Therefore, if our perceptual experiences are actually altered by some deceiving demon, it is hard to determine what realities in the world are true through sensory experience. Our knowledge cannot lie wholly in sense, but rather concrete reality and experience because our senses are merely perceptual experiences.…

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