Evil Vs Free Will Essay

My perspective on the existence of God and the problem of Evil breaks down to free will, therefore I believe that although God is all-knowing and all-loving, allowing humanity to process free will created a gate for Evil to rise in the form of decision making. God allowed humanity to exercise free will. This may, in a certain perspective portray God as an evil entity, but he does not command humanity to commit crimes, rape, murder, lie, cheat, or steal. A person’s own free will is the decision maker hence forth developing the necessary Evil which becomes the biggest issue in our society. Here are some reasons why free will is the Evil problem in the existence of God.
To start off let’s look at how people think under their system of free will.
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Suffering is not inflicted on humanity as a form of punishment but as a lesson on which we must learn to over come and understand. Free will was given to humanity by God, who also has delivered the punishment of death. While some may argue that this is an act of a cruel God who does not love humans. I believe that everything that God does for us is to help us become better, and not only learn from suffering, and pain, but to also learn how to love and achieve happiness within ourselves, and with God. Suffering brings us closer to God, because we crave guidance and assistance from our heavenly father, as his children we need God to hear our prayers in our time of need and guide us through a path that over comes all Evil. My view as I have explained is that the existence of suffering and Evil in the world is not an outcome of an unfair or cruel God, but of the misuse of free will, by humanity. To me God is all knowing, all powerful, and loving; which is why he is our guide through the problem of

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