The Existence Of Free Will Essay

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Thousands of years ago, philosophers began to argue about the existence of free will. Free will is a power of acting without restraint of fate. People started questioning whether free will exists or if it is merely imagined. Do humans have control over their actions, behaviors, choices, desires and emotions? Some philosophers believe that human have self-control over their actions, and others say that there is no such a thing as self-control. Philosophers have long debated the concept of free will among humans. Is there really such thing as true free will? Some philosophers like Sartre claim that humans have free will, while others philosophers such as LaPlace argues free will is just an illusion, and humans are not inherently free will. According to determinism, humans do not have control over themselves, and everything is out of their control. Libertarianism is a philosophical theory that claims humans are completely free, and they have free will. The other view that combines both determinism and free will is compatibilism. Compatibilism believes that humans are both determined and have free will. Determinism, compatibilism, and Libertarianism are widely accepted view by different group of people and each makes valid argument as to whether or not free will exists among humans.
Imagine that my friend went to a restaurant to eat his lunch, but he could not decide what to order. He just thought getting cheeseburger. While he was ordering a cheeseburger, he saw someone else…

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