The Existence Of Evil And A Perfectly Loving God Essay

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The theistic worldview maintains that the universe was created by a perfect being who continues to actively observe it. Conversely, the atheistic worldview avows to a belief in the existence of only the materialistic world, which they contend was not created by a supernatural being. Non-believers commonly employ arguments that are grounded in the problem of evil to dispute the theist’s divine creator. The problem of evil elicits the question of how a perfect and loving God could allow evil, such as human suffering and wrongdoing, to exist in the world (Morris 263). To support their theistic worldview, it is imperative that Christians evaluate and devise logical answers to the problem of evil. Through theistic arguments, it can be shown that the naturalist claims regarding the problem of evil fail to show with certainty the incompatibility between the existence of evil and a perfectly loving God.
1. That God could prevent evil actions and preserve human freedom of will.
Some atheists align their disbelief in God to the claim that He could prevent evil while also preserving free will. However, such a claim is contradictory in nature. God created creatures to have free will, which “by its very nature [includes] the possibility of evil” (Lewis 588). The possibility of evil found in free will most notably occurs due to the freedom that is given to choose and to “the existence of things to choose between” (Lewis 562). Given that human beings have free will, they can choose between…

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