The Exhibition Wild Permutations At Centennial Square Essay

1100 Words Sep 25th, 2015 null Page
Oakville Galleries, a contemporary and local art gallery, hosts artist Jessica Eaton and her first solo exhibition Wild Permutations at Centennial Square in Oakville, Ontario. Curated by the Acting Assistant Curator, Daniella Sanader, Eaton’s photography work in the form of carbon prints, colour prints, and silver-gelation prints present her particular interests in working with colour, manipulation, and art-making process – with a focus on making the viewer question what exactly is being seen.
The title of the exhibition Wild Permutations suits the collection of work at the exhibition quite well. The physical works had great contrasts, a full spectrum of colours, and cleanly combined geometric shapes in their presentation. The works were beautiful and aesthetically pleasing to look at and enjoy. The use of the word “permutations” fits interestingly in the exhibition and accurately describes, before even seeing the work, that there is a process to Eaton’s work, which particularly refers to of constructing and transforming of colours, space, and shapes. However, I wish the excitement in the title of the exhibition also carried into the physical gallery space and not just Eaton’s work itself.
Walking into the gallery space, it is noticeable that the works have an electric, yet stable energy and glow to their appearance. The exhibition and work is evenly spread out within the three rooms at Centennial Square, giving lots of space for the viewer to look at each work…

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