Essay about The Exhibition For The Super Real : Pop Art

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The AGO exhibition for the Super Real: Pop Art from the AGO collection presented a variety of artwork from large silkscreen image to a cardboard burger sculpture sitting in the middle of the space. The exhibition has a small collection but has iconic pieces that are central to the story of the pop art movement of the 1960s. The works that stood out the most is the Andy Warhol’s 1963 Elvis I and II silkscreen painting. It showed 2 Elvis’ on one side with colour, then another 2 Elvis’ on one side featured in black and white. He is in a cowboy outfit while standing in a gunslinger pose on both sides of the painting. Each panel is 82 x 82 inches and is created with silkscreen ink, spray paint and acrylic paint. A thin and shiny golden frame surrounds the composition, hence bring Warhol’s piece together. This painting is the most noticeable in the exhibition, as the contrast of one side with colour and the other with black and white draws the viewer towards it. Another significant work featured in the exhibition is Claes Oldenburg’s 1962 floor burger sculpture. It was the only artwork shown on the floor of the space, as it is 1.32 meters by 2.13 diameters in size. The floor burger is overwhelming in size as it a something that is usually smaller compared to humans who eat it, which is what I think the artist is telling us with this work. The canvas is filled with foam rubber and cardboard boxes, meanwhile the painted used were latex and Liquitex. Next to the Elvis I and…

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