The Examination Of The Exam Dream Essay

725 Words Jun 24th, 2016 3 Pages
The Exam Dream was an interesting and insightful read. It delves into the insecurities that all of us even those who have made it to incredible levels in their professional careers have. The worry that you are not good enough or not prepared enough for the tasks one has undertaken. I think all of us have had the exam dream in one form or another not just about school but like Benjamin B. Dunlap, who according to the essay never doubted his scholastic abilities but had major doubts about other things we all feel some sort of ineptitude. This got me thinking about the nature of fear and failure as it pertains to all things not just scholastic . The fear of being not good enough sometimes shatters and delays us and as emotional creature. The fear and acceptance of the fear and anxiety are paramount for success in all things not just school or the activities that align themselves with hallowed halls and corridors laced with lockers and the pitter patter of shoes. The nature of the fear of failure does not limit itself to just books. It constitutes just about everything that we deal with as people. We have those “Exam Dreams” about love , about family, about friends. We fear not being good enough when it comes to all aspects of life. Even those of us who seem to have the greatest grips on books seem to have those dreams about more talent based things. Those of us who have good grips on both books and extracurriculars seem to fear failure in love. The first step in accepting that…

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