The Evolutionary Psychology of Emotions Essay

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The Evolutionary Psychology of Emotions


This paper will discussed that evolutionary perspective on emotions and behavior may help to resolve its inconsistency. To resolve this inconsistency we will evaluate two evolutionary approaches to emotion, discuss how linking these emotions to specific problems work, and argue that the findings are consistent with the claim that the emotions often display evidence of being intended to help, rather than deter.

Over the years there have been several adaptive-evolutionary treatments of emotion that have developed ( Ekman & Davidson, 1994), there are several evolutionary approaches but the psychological evolutionary approach distinguishes itself
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The scenario begin with some such as myself visualizing walking alone after dark and all of a certain a strange noise starts coming from the woods. Your adrenalin is immediately stimulated and now you are ready for action, you then start listen for sounds that may indicate that someone is following you, where you may have been hungry for a mate, you no longer are. Getting a mate no has completely out of your thoughts now. As you continue to walk you start to ask yourself where are some good hiding spots, do I start to run, do I stay and fight, or do I just stop walking, the decision would be made based on the circumstances.
Sometimes human emotions can automatically be aroused when being linked to ancestrally repeated dangers such as being hit over the head at night, someone observing you naked, sexual attractive partners, or smelling delightful foods, by this means initiating particular approaches that in ancestral environments would have led to targeted adaptive responses. Because of the things that people are involved in on a daily basis it is evident that this hypothesis holds some value. For instance, the outcome of fear can take on what is called protective responses including flight, while the outcome to sexual desire is desiring your partner.

Fear and Ancestral Sources of Danger
As already stated, conceivably nowhere is

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