The Evolution Of The Men 's Game Essay

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Much of the history of basketball focuses on the evolution of the men 's game. And for

good reason. The man who invented basketball designed it to solve a particular problem he had

with his male college students. He needed a game they could play in the winter.

Back in 1891 when the game was created, there was little opportunity for women to participate

in athletics. Athletic girls who wanted to compete were out of luck because sports competition

for ladies was very much discouraged.

Nevertheless, as more and more people saw the game being played, its popularity exploded, and

it wasn 't long before girls wanted a piece of the action. It 's interesting to note how the evolution

of girls’ basketball mirrors the attitudes of American society toward women over the last

century. So, while men 's basketball was booming, the history of basketball was unfolding for

women as well.

Women and men in basketball is separate but not equal in many ways. It is safe to say

that women’s basketball has come a long way since Dr. James Naismith invented to game in

Springfield Massachusetts in 1891. This is a game that has traveled well. Now played by more

than 250 million people worldwide in an organized fashion, as well as by countless others in

pickup games (Baker). Naismith was assigned to teach physical education class at a Young

Men’s Christian Association YMCA training school in Springfield, Massachusetts (Baker). The

class had been noted for being…

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