The Evolution Of The Indian People And Their Corresponding Relationship With The American Colonists

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The evolution of the Indian people and their corresponding relationship with the American colonists in this first stage of the history of the United States offers a negative balance for the first, many of which disappeared because of the atrocities committed by the white man and his government. Indigenous peoples wish to preserve their identities and customs gradually becoming extinct. That is why we should support them not to lose these customs and traditions and is necessary to implement different laws or different rules for development and not lose the few tribes that still remain in this country. In every state in the United States we different laws even though it complicates the country as a whole, so if we do this without improving culture why can’t Native Americans while improving culture. Taking culture away from others is stealing, one of the most personal types of stealing. Taking away from culture is taking away from families, generations that can never be restored. By making Native Americans become “white” is not only offensive but takes away from personal identity it creates diaspora, creating empty people wanting more than just to read about their heritage. If we don’t draw the line we are creating a type of white supremacy.
Not that others feel discriminated because few have more freedoms or rights than others, we are what we should learn to respect and value the unique roots that still have and be proud of it although many do not belong to these tribes.…

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