The Evolution Of Religion: Evolution And The Theory Of Evolution

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We humans are inquisitive by nature, it is in fact what sets us apart from other animals on this planet. Since our exodus from the African continent we have always wanted to know what was beyond that hill, our desire to learn as much as possible has allowed us to make advancements in technology and create civilizations. But this desire to learn had also extended to the machinations of nature, and in response we created religions as an explanation to the creation of the universe. Religion was useful for many centuries as our understanding of nature was limited to what we saw, but our sight is very limited and cannot fully comprehend the scale of the universe. 2,000 years ago we believed that the Earth was the center and all the stars and planets …show more content…
But miraculously science has prevailed and we have continued to advance. Today science’s greatest challenge is the Theory of Evolution. Since Charles Darwin’s publication of On the Origin of Species in 1859 evolution has been challenged time and again. The Theory of Evolution states that all life on this planet, myself, a tree, or a dog, descend from a common ancestor that underwent physical changes through a process called natural selection. This process takes millions of years to occur and directly challenges the book of Genesis and the belief that the Earth is 6,000 years old instead of being 4 billion. In the United States many conservatives deny evolution and some have gone so far as to follow a different philosophy to counter it, creationism. Creationism states that all life was created by a higher power and explains that extinct animals such as the Dinosaurs died in the flood because they did not receive shelter on Noah’s Ark. To be quite frank I personally believe this ideology to be ludicrous, there is an overwhelming amount of evidence in support of evolution that creationism simply doesn’t add

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