Essay on The Evolution Of Race Relations

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To Kill a Mockingbird
The evolution of race relations in our country has progressed largely at the expense of all minorities but especially the African-American population. When the United States of America was founded racial inequality was considered to be the norm. There were definite differences in the lives and customs between “whites or caucasians” and “African-Americans”. This was especially true in the southern states of our country. Although it was evident everywhere it was very blatant in the south. Adults were guilty of prejudices, religious bias and their own personal interpretations of “right” and “wrong”. Caucasian people were given privileges and opportunities that were never even considered for people of color.
Many glaring examples of racial injustice are featured in the book “To Kill a Mockingbird”. The story although told through a child’s point of view actually has many adult perspectives. In the book, races were governed by very different rules that were established by society itself. This idea was consistent with life during this time period. Prejudice appears throughout the content of this book. Tom Robinson, a black male, was accused of raping and beating Mayella Ewell, a white female. Tom Robinson was wrongfully accused and considered guilty simply because of his race. In this period of history races were separated by their speech, their superstitions and their ancestors. The narrator, Scout, believes that all people should be held to the same…

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