The Evolution Of Millennials. Generation Y Essays

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The evolution of Millennials
Generation Y, is the generation of the XXI century, also referred to as Millennial generation. It is a subsequent generation to generation X, born after the Western Post–World War II baby boom. This generation includes everyone born between the 80 's, 90 's, decade until the beginning of 2000. This generation, grew up in an era of rapid change and technological advances. They witnessed the rise of the Internet, the end of the cold war, the development of computers, video games, and things that are now used on a regular basis. Furthermore, the characteristics of millennial vary by region, gender, ethnicity, and socio-economic conditions; however, they are generally characterized by widespread use of social networks and their innate familiarization with communication, media, and digital technology. Moreover, the exposure to unlimited information and knowledge via the Internet and TV channels, gives millennial the power and authority to do what was inconceivable for previous generations. As a result, they are more open about controversial issues; such as, sexual orientation or abortion, making their social adaptation smoother. The most distinguished features of the millennial generation are shaped by the technological revolution, individualism, and support of equal rights.

One interesting feature of the millennial generation is the technological revolution. This generation of digital natives, realizes that it is no longer possible to live in a…

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