The Evolution Of Management Theory Essay

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A person with responsibility that can control or administrate all or part of a company and organization is a very skilled individual. An individual who can take charge of a certain group of tasks, a certain subcategory of a company, and can manage a staff efficiently is called a manager. They control activities, business dealings, and other aspects of the career. Mangers perform Roles by Linking, Conceiving and Leading. They approach actions by being deductive and inductive. There are four principal functions that a manager circulate and is performed simultaneously. They are:
Planning which identifies the goals and objectives. Organizing, that arranges many elements into a fixed sequence. Leading which is expressed as the activity of influencing a group of people or an organization and finally controlling which marginalizes performance, set certain standards, and takes corrective action. These functions each manger abides by and rotates sequentially.
The evolution of Management Theory started back in 1880, the Theory is practical and shows different approaches of a manager and their perspective. Today the Theory helps people interpret the present, allowing us to understand the history and be able to learn from the right and wrongs of others. The Management theory additionally helps people develop a set of principles and becomes a good source of new ideas. While assisting people to understand the outcomes and decisions the firm makes. There are many attributes of the…

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